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Elly and Michael started donating their Shawnigan Lake home for cooking competitions which were called the Copper Chef Charity Cookoff. They also hosted concerts on their outdoor stage/deck on the lake. Both of these events were charity driven. Motivational speakers came to Shawnigan Lake and conducted mindblowing seminars. Some of these speakers included Mark Victor Hansen, Steve Sullivan, Alan Thain and Alex Mandossian. Michael and Elly support the following charities separately or together, sometimes with their financial donations, sometimes with their time, and in many cases, both.

Elly and Michael love to travel the world. Back in 2004 they embarked on a journey to Lucknow, India to assist in PolioPlus where they spent their time vaccinating children against Polio. They also travelled to Thana, India where the local Rotary club had teamed up with the Canadian club on Vancouver Island and raised funds to provide water filtration systems for 27 schools in Thana, India.

Shawnigan Shores Bed & Breakfast is Elly’s pride and joy. Situated in sunny Cowichan Valley on the shores of Shawnigan Lake, Vancouver Island, are three luxury bed and breakfasts. Willow House, Cedar House, and the Taj Lodge; all unique and different. They can accommodate up to 20 guests making this a great place for couples, weddings, families or a corporate retreat. Shawnigan Shores B&B….where memories become memorable!

Elly is an animal lover and at present houses 3 cats and one very lovable golden retriever in the family home. Elly is an active member in many local charities, not to mention her recent journey which started last year on a road trip to Costa Rica and which will continue next year to South America on their world safari AroundtheWorldSafari.com

While Elly is busy with her Bed & Breakfast business, Michael has a number of projects of his own. He consults many small businesses - nominal rate for non-profits and no cost to charities- bringing people together to make the world a better place. He enjoys helping others with their own personal growth and prosperity.

Publishing is another interest of Michael’s; he has written the first volume in a series of quote books, Quote-A-Quote to Your Success. This one deals with health, wealth and happiness; there are several more in the works. One of Michael’s favorite quotes: “You can never know less!”

At home Michael runs an adventure tour company: Bigfoot Safari. He enjoys teaching 4x4 driving techniques to people of all skill levels; this makes them better drivers on the road and on the trail!